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Series Thirteen of Midsomer Murders began on 10 February 2010 and concluded on 2 February 2011.

Main Cast
Name Portrayed by Occupation Notes
Tom Barnaby John Nettles DCI Causton CID Last appearance in Fit For Murder
Ben Jones Jason Hughes DS Causton CID
Gail Stephens Kirsty Dillon DC Causton CID Last appearance in Fit For Murder
John Barnaby Neil Dudgeon DCI Brighton CID John appears in the episodes The Sword of Guillaume and Fit For Murder
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark Wife of DCI Barnaby Last appearance in Fit For Murder
Cully Barnaby Dixon Laura Howard Daughter of DCI Barnaby Cully's only appearances in the Thirteenth Series are The Silent Land and Fit for Murder
George Bullard Barry Jackson Chief pathologist of Midsomer County.
Ep Nr Ep ID Title Director Writer Air Date
74 13.1 The Made-to-Measure Murders Peter Smith Andrew Payne 12 May 2010
Milton Cross is a Midsomer village owned by Edward Milton. Many of the villagers are beholden to Milton for their livelihoods and their homes and as such do what they can to appease him. Woodley and Woodley, the local bespoke tailors, are waiting to find out if their lease will be renewed, however Sonia Woodley has found something which could jeopardise the shop. When she is found murdered, her unusual wounds perplex Bullard and Barnaby finds himself investigating a village living in fear.
75 13.2 The Sword of Guillaume Renny Rye Michael Aitkens 10 February 2010
The Mayors of Causton and Brighton have agreed a deal for Causton to buy a plot of land in Brighton for the less fortunate of its residents. Barnaby is convinced the deal will benefit Causton's mayor more than its residents and so digs a little deeper, involving his cousin John Barnaby, the DCI in Brighton. When local business man Hugh Dalgleish is decapitated on a trip to Brighton, Barnaby finds himself investigating much more than dodgy deals.
*This episode introduced DCI John Barnaby portrayed by Neil Dudgeon
76 13.3 Blood on the Saddle Richard Holthouse David Lawrence 8 September 2010
Ford Florey is a town with a Wild West Society and many grudges. During a Wild West show at the local faire, the witch on the 'Dunk the Witch' stall is well and truly dunked. Laughter turns to horror when she doesn't get up and the water in the tank starts to turn red. Barnaby and Jones need to be quick to track down the murderer.
77 13.4 The Silent Land Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 22 September 2010
On a dark night in the village of March Magna, Barnaby's wife Joyce swerves her car to narrowly miss a shadowy figure in the road. Or so she thinks. Later that night a body is discovered in the old cemetery. Did Joyce hit someone after all or was the victim, who seems to have plenty of enemies, killed by one of the villagers? Barnaby and Jones have their work cut out as all the villagers seem to be hiding something - but is it murder?
78 13.5 Master Class Renny Rye Nicholas Martin 6 October 2010
Piano student Zoe Stock has won a place at the Devington Manor Winter School led by internationally renowned musician Sir Michael Fielding. From the riverbank in the grounds of the manor she sees a woman jump from the bridge and disappear underwater. When Barnaby and Jones start investigating the possible drowning they discover unsavoury connections to the past that could prove lethal twenty years' later. But can they intervene before the body count escalates and will the talented Zoe survive her master class?
79 13.6 The Noble Art Richard Holthouse Barry Purchese 13 October 2010
When local hero turned World Champion boxer, John Kinsella returns to Midsomer he manages to ruffle more than a few feathers. And then a series of murders begins. With a reconstruction of the first ever world title fight taking place at Morchard Manor is the perfect cover to ensure John himself is out for the count? Looking for a motive as well as the truth proves more difficult than ever and the murders continue.
80 13.7 Not in My Back Yard Peter Smith J.C. Wilsher 12 January 2011
A planning dispute at an open garden event at Swanscombe House turns to murder after a leading light in the Midsomer Conservation Society suspects her neighbours are involved in a money-making development scam. Political wrangling, burglaries and sexual liaisons abound in picturesque Great Pelfe - but why is someone driven to start killing?
81 13.8 Fit For Murder Renny Rye Andrew Payne 2 February 2011
A rejuvenating Spa break turns out to be anything but for Barnaby and his wife, as the country hotel soon becomes a murder scene. As Barnaby investigates, he also has personal matters on his mind and his upcoming birthday leads him to question where his future lies.
* This is the last episode featuring Tom, Joyce and Cully Barnaby and DC Gail Stephens. DS Ben Jones and Dr. George Bullard will continue to assist DCI John Barnaby.
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