Small Mercies is the fifth episode of the twelfth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 28th October 2009.


The body of a local troublemaker and lady's man is found dead in the model village which is the chief tourist attraction of Little Worthy.


DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigates the murder of Richard Tanner who was stabbed and found dead in the model village in Little Worthy tied to the ground like Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels. He was found by the groundskeeper and model maker, Bob Moss, who had worked for the owners, sisters Hillary and Harriet Compton for forty years. Tanner wasn't very well liked in the village and was viewed as a troublemaker by many. He was known to have had romantic entanglements with the local school teacher, Rebecca Rix as well as Christa Palfrey, daughter of the local hotel owner, Edward Palfrey. He wasn't very pleased with his daughter's relationship with Tanner and he didn't like the way Christa treated his girlfriend, Bernice, leading to a tension-filled home situation. At the annual boat race to mark the end of the tourist season, another person is killed and later still there is a third victim. There is clearly someone in the village who is out for revenge.



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Midsomer Murders Series 12 Episode 5 - Small Mercies Preview

Midsomer Murders Series 12 Episode 5 - Small Mercies Preview



Tom Barnaby: You see, Jones. You look at this, you'd think you're in some kind of rural paradise. And how wrong you'd be.



  • When questioned about her life before she came to Little Worthy, Bernice says that her adoptive mother died as a result of drinking something that didn't agree with her. This could potentially be another murder that was committed by Bernice.

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  • It is revealed that Bernice is the daughter of Bob Moss and Hilary Compton.
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