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From the community

Start here if you want to help

Browse some articles and fix grammar and spelling

  • Click on this link to bring up a list of Episode articles
  • Click on this link to bring up a list of Main Character articles

Search for errors in content and make changes as you see fit. Don't worry about making mistakes! An admin will always review the changes and will provide feedback if there are any issues.

Once you are comfortable with minor edits, you can enter additional content or rewrite any content that doesn't seem right to you.

Minor Character articles

Another major area of concern is the lack of content on many of the "Minor Roles" articles. Browse the Minor Roles category and make sure that the infobox is filled in correctly. Add additional content regarding the character.

You can also head over to the Community Portal to find additional things to do.

Here is a larger list of things that anyone can help with.

Master To-Do List

Big Projects

  • Edit Episode Articles to ensure compliance with Layout Guide
  • Edit Character Articles to ensure compliance with Layout Guide
  • Add Plot Summaries and Synopsis for all Episode articles starting with the oldest first

Other Projects

  • Find a different Main Page background image


  • Check for proper categories on all articles

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