The Made-to-Measure Murders is the first episode of the thirteenth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and was originally aired on 12th May 2010.


Milton Cross is a Midsomer village owned by Edward Milton. Many of the villagers are beholden to Milton for their livelihoods and their homes and as such do what they can to appease him. Woodley and Woodley, the local bespoke tailors, are waiting to find out if their lease will be renewed, however Sonia Woodley has found something which could jeopardise the shop. When she is found murdered, her unusual wounds perplex Dr. Bullard and DCI Barnaby finds himself investigating a village living in fear.


DCI Tom Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the murder of Sonia Woodley, owner of a local tailoring shop, who is clubbed and stabbed to death in the churchyard at Milton Cross. She was supposed to visit Rev. Moreland and she was clearly conflicted about something though the Vicar claims no knowledge of what it is that may have been bothering her. Mrs. Woodley's good friend Wendy Minchin tells them that she was likely conflicted over the death of her husband as it was obvious to her that she had delayed calling for an ambulance when her husband died some two years before. She also reveals that Gerald Woodley was a brute of a man and can't understand why Beatrice was conflicted about anything. When the vicar is also found dead, killed in the same manner as Mrs. Woodley, the police learn he had just come into possession of a mysterious letter. Love and passion are at the center of it all.



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