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The Maid in Splendour is the fifth episode of the seventh series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 25th January 2004.


DCI Tom Barnaby and DS Dan Scott investigate the shotgun murder of Jamie Cruickshank, a barman at The Maid in Splendour, a pub in the village of Midsomer Worthy. The pub is now owned by Stephen Bannerman, a much disliked local property developer who has his own plans for the pub. Bannerman's father Michael, the original owner, did not agree with his son's plans to turn the pub into a high end restaurant nor of his affair with Bella Monday, the daughter of his lifelong friend Audrey. When Stephen is subsequently killed, also by shotgun, Barnaby begins to wonder if Cruikshank's murder may have resulted from a case of mistaken identity.




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Midsomer Murders Series 7 Episode 5 - The Maid in Splendour Preview


The Tale of The Maid in Splendour

This first version of the tale of The Maid in Splendour is told by Michael Bannerman
Michael Bannerman: "A young knight goes off to the crusades before he can marry his beloved and she vows to wait for him, but by the time he gets back, he's old, broken by the war. She's still beautiful as ever, hasn't aged a day. So, to release her from her obligation, he dives into Lake Splendour and drowns."
Tom Barnaby: "Lake Splendour?"
Michael Bannerman: "That's a stagnant pond up by the Hunter's Wood. The name's ironic, at least it is these days."
Dan Scott: "So the knight chucks himself in the pond, end of story?"
Michael Bannerman: "No, no, no, the maid was brokenhearted, she still loved him, you see, despite his age and infirmity, so she threw himself in the lake after him. Hence, 'The Maid in Splendour'."
Dan Scott: "That's what I like, a happy ending."
— Michael Bannerman's version of the Maid in Splendour tale which Dan seems to like.
Benbow claims that Bannerman's version is all wrong and provides a different ending
Benbow: "The old night came back from the crusades. He goes straight to the manor and there he sees her pleasuring his brother. So he drags her up from the bed, kills his brother stone dead, and then chucks girlie into the lake."
Tom Barnaby: "Now that's what I call a happy ending."
— Benbow's version which Tom finds more acceptable.


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