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The Point of Balance is the first episode of the twenty first series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. It was first streamed in the U.S. on 1 December 2019 on streaming services Acorn TV and Britbox, whilst its UK release date has yet to be announced by broadcasters', ITV.


Midsomer's 'Paramount Dance Extravaganza' dance contest is being hosted by the Wilder Biorobotics Institute. After the first night of the competition, a professional dancer who was not in the competition is found dead under suspicious circumstances. DCI Barnaby and DS Winter begin their investigation, but it's not long before the brother of the victim is also found dead, being struck on the head by a remotely controlled robotic arm. The investigators focus on the wealthy Wilder family and discover the usual deceptions, secrets and betrayals before they find the killer.




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This episode introduces John Barnaby's father, Ned who was first referenced in the episode Let Us Prey The following actors and actresses who appeared in this episode have also appeared in the following episodes

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