The Sicilian Defence is the fifth episode of the fifteenth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders an originally aired on 9th January 2013.


Harriet Farmer wakes up after being in a coma since the night she tried to elope. Soon afterwards, a serial killer strikes members of a chess club. Could the attack which left Harriet for dead a year ago be linked to moves on a chess board? And where is her boyfriend Finn?


A year after Harriet Farmer was knocked unconscious in the woods near her home, she regains consciousness. Her memory is a bit foggy and she doesn't quite remember the night she was attacked. Her father, David Farmer is thrilled however, even though she was running off to marry Finn Robson, who has since disappeared. DCI Barnaby and DS Jones have another murder to solve when Edward Stannington, head of the Bishopwood chess club, is found dead having been stabbed in the back. Stannington was generally disliked in the village having turned down a business offered by Arthur Potts and generally mistreated his aunt, with whom he shared a house. He had also been conducting research on Alan Robson, Finn's father, who made his fortune developing a computer chess game. When David Farmer is found dead, Barnaby is convinced the two cases are linked.



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Case closed, Barnaby and Jones prepare to leave the hospital and watch Dr. Laura Parr being taken into custody
Ben Jones: She tortured those two for over a year.
John Barnaby: She tortured people to keep the memory of her brother alive.
Ben Jones: Why not put a plaque on a park bench like everyone else?
John Barnaby: Grieving may be universal, but we must express it in our own unique way.
Ben Jones: Sigmund Freud.
John Barnaby: John Barnaby, 1988. Durham University.
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  • Jason Winters was Dr. Laura Parr's brother. He was the creative genius behind the software program "Knight2King". He was in love with Wendy Robson and she took advantage of that to convince him to sign over the rights to the software to her. Shortly thereafter, he committed suicide. Dr. Parr decided that she would take revenge on the Robson's by taking their son from them.

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