• I have a question. I'm not so sure which murders should be considered to have been comitted prior to the episode. Because of this I don't know exactly which murders should be added to the Murdered Prior to the Episode category in Midsomer Body Count page. What is your opinion? I consider that it should be those murders that Barnaby doesn't know about them until later in the episode or aren't the first murder that Barnaby investigates. I could be wrong though.

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    • My vote would be to keep it simple, yes/no.

      • Does the previous murder or murderer have any bearing on Barnaby's investigation?

      If answer is no, then it shouldn't be listed. For example, in Death in Disguise, did the death of Gaius_Quintus have any bearing on the current investigation? Whereas in Written in Blood, the murder of Mr. Hanlon was important because the murderer was part of the current case.

      Maybe we could create another category - "Other murders mentioned in Episode" or something.

      Other thoughts??

      Steve (talk) 20:54, January 25, 2020 (UTC)

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    • My concerns started from Agnes Gray because she is somehow killed prior to the curent period of the episode (some weeks prior or something), but her death gets investigated imediately, it's the first. And in Mrs. Foster's case the murder took place years prior to the episode and even though her death is importand to the story she isn't mentioned until the end. Situations like that of Agnes should be clarified.

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    • Hmmm.  Agnes was really killed during the episode, and as you say it was maybe a few weeks or less, but it was still part of the episode and was investigated first off.  In Judgement Day, Mrs. Foster was the first victim of Bella Devere (as Annabel).  Even though it was way before the main events of the episode, the murder was intertwined with the plot, even though it was at the end.  The murder of Agnes shouldn't be considered "Prior to the Episode", but the murder of Mrs. Foster should, but it still should be listed in the murder tally.

      So now, what about Gaius Quintus in Death in Disguise?  And "12 Deaths of The First World War" in Four Funerals and a Wedding?  I don't think that they should count in the murder tally.  They are just listed for information. 

      Do we need to annotate the murders that are not to be included in the tally?

      Steve (talk) 07:01, January 26, 2020 (UTC)

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    • I think they should be listed, I don't see a problem in that because they were mentioned. And Gaius Quintus was even shown in that video that I posted in the Body Count. What we could do is finish with adding the other deaths that are not in the Body Count yet. And when we calculate the totals at the top of the page, we can say near them how many deaths were shown on-screen or something like that.

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    • I think you have some good ideas.  I'm not so heavily invested in the actual murder/death totals as they are really just fun trivia, but as with any trivia, there's lots of minutia that will pile on to the task of presenting the information.  Don't get me wrong - I love the minutia and do think that everything should be presented.  

      I had originally thought that the facts regarding the murders could be placed on the episode page in order to give more space for the narrative.  This would give the opportunity to explain everything we have been discussing.  We can still do that for the episodes that have these prior murders or deaths that are mentioned.

      And also, give some thought to what the "Body Count" should be with the understanding that the Series is really about Murders that take place in Midsomer County.

      Either way you go, I won't get in your way.

      Steve (talk)

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