• I have been trying to find the last episode of Tom Barnaby for months, and it just is NOT in the US or at least not on the Amazon Prime, Brit box of US episodes. They are 90 min. long, just like the others and ends BEFORE the birthday party, so we don't know what is happening and all of a sudden, there is his cousin taking over his job.  I saw this show years ago with all episodes and it was on there and also quite a few of the first shows with Neil Dudgeon are missing as well.  What is going on with this show? I would like to see the beginning at least of the new shows, as it is it opens with no explanation or beginning, you open the first episode and he is there and working - ridiculous!!!!

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    • There is an explanation...  The producer Brian True-May, has said that two different endings for Fit for Murder were filmed.  One showed the ending as Tom's birthday party and the other had a retirement party.  The retirement party version was to be shown when the episode first aired, and all subseqent airings would be with the birthday party.  We look back on that decision now and think that was crazy.  Here is an article with excerpts of an interview that True-May gave in March of 2011.

      Both the PBS version I have and the Britbox version show the birthday party ending.  Someone posted the retirement party version on Youtube a while back but I can't find it now.  I suppose I should get the DVD or Blu-ray and see what's on there. 

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