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Vixen's Run is the third episode of the ninth series of the popular ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 5th March 2006.


Sir Freddy Butler has a family reunion of sorts, the purpose of which baffles everyone invited. The guests include all of his ex-wives, his two sons and his somewhat dotty brother, Teddy. He rises at the dinner table and says he has an important announcement to make and then promptly keels over, dead. Everyone assumes he was poisoned but DCI Barnaby makes no such assumption and is proved correct when the autopsy reveals he died of natural causes. Soon afterwards however, Sir Freddy's solicitor is murdered and it would seem that he had changed his will very recently. Could that have been the important announcement he was to make and if so, who among the group stood to gain, or lose, by Sir Freddy's death?




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Midsomer Murders Series 9 Episode 3 - Vixen's Run Preview


  • Paternal Revelations
    • Teddy admits that Henry York was the father of Richard Butler as a result of a liaison with Lady Annabel at the cottage where Amos Brown lived. This liaison is shown in the opening scenes.
    • Teddy also admits that Jenny is his daughter, a secret that he and Hatty had sworn to keep.
    • Michael's father is Simon Oliver as a result of his long-time affair with Lady Tara.
  • After saying that co-operation works both ways, Lady Annabel asks Barnaby why he did not ask her about Freddy's death, implying that she somehow initiated his coronary event. Barnaby tells her "Well, that was natural causes", to which she replies "Yes. Yes, of course it was." and she chooses to not look at Barnaby anymore, making him to think about this.

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